copper water bottle

Moradabad is located in Uttar Pradesh, India . It is famous for brass and copper products like copper water bottles, copper water tanks, home décor, Tibetan singing bowls, utensils etc. Moradabad’s brass work is over one thousand year old, the brassware and copperware are exported to many countries like USA ,Poland, Brazil, France ,Germany and […]

Tibetan Bowls | Singing Bowl Therapy

tibetan bowls

WHAT IS A TIBETAN BOWL? A Tibetan bowl is a kind of meditation bowl, it is usually a type of bell. The bowl produces a relaxing and comforting sound because the sound is relaxing andcomforting it reduces stress and anxiety. WHAT IS THE USE OF THE TIBETAN BOWL? Tibetan bowls are used in a therapy […]

Mandala Designs

mandala bags

Mandala is an art that is used in many religions. this is a geometrical pattern that has a lot of different colors. a mandala can be a single color as well. “mandala” is a Sanskrit word that means circle. mandala is used by many religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. it creates a positive aura […]

Bandhej Fabric Manufactured In Rajasthan Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh


Bandhej Fabric also known as Bandhani, is a type of tie-dye textile decorated by plucking the cloth with the fingernails into many tiny bindings that form a figurative design. this fabric looks so Beautiful after dye. and Indian saree, suits, skirts, and home decor Etc.