The word Diwali is like music to our ears. For some of us, Diwali is like a time when we get back to our families bearing gifts. Some of us also consider it as a no dieting period when we get to eat many delicious homemade sweets. Many would also look at it as an excuse to buy new clothes and jewelry. Then there are those hard-working fellows who would think of it time as a good five to six days break from their jobs. Diwali is not just rich people spending huge amounts of money buying cars, clothes, jewelry, and whatnot. It is about understanding the essence of it.

What Diwali Means

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India. It is popularly known as the festival of lights. It is widely celebrated in not just India but also Sri Lanka, Nepal, Canada, Australia and some parts of the West Indies by the Indo-Jamaican community. The word Diwali or in Hindi we say it as ‘Deepawali’ meaning a row of clay lamps that we light inside our homes and outside to extinguish darkness and despair. We light firecrackers to express our joy and to celebrate the victory of good over evil

How We Dress Up On Diwali

Diwali is also the time when people dress up traditionally and the young ones more in a trendy way. Women wear traditional sarees made from silk, velvet, while men opt for a more classic attire like Kurta and Payjama to worship ‘Lakshmi’ the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Young boys try to be as fashionable as possible wearing the best outfit they have like T-shirts and jeans. Young girls prefer Kurtis and lehengas. Women also wear traditional jewelry to enhance their cultural attire, color their hands with henna or Mehandi.

So readers now that you know what Diwali is, the next time when your friends from across the seven are visiting India be sure to welcome them with open arms and enlighten them about the festival. Let them indulge in the festivities, help them understand our culture. After all, Diwali is all about spreading love.

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