After a brief sight seeing we were taken to a nearby footwear factory where 3 artisans were hard at work. The level of dedication with which they were working had us having second thoughts about asking them about their work and breaking their concentration. Eventually our mission which was to come to this little village and gain first hand experience about how a leather footwear is made compelled us to interview them anyway. There we met Mr. Gajanand Kanwadi a 25 year old artisan who has been making leather footwear for almost 10 years. The skill which he possesses has been bestowed upon him by his father. Mr. Gajanand told us that they try to make only those footwear which are in demand and those can be easily sold to the shop owners in Jaipur city. As leather is not a cheap resource these workers try and get maximum footwear done with the piece of leather they have. He also walked us through on how a leather footwear is handmade right from scratch. Evidently we saw that the base of the footwear irrespective of the design is cut out first with the right foot size in mind. Then the work begins on the top part of the footwear, the top being more design oriented is made keeping in mind the demand of the current market . After the top part is finalized the dying part comes. Dying the footwear is commonly done by oil based colors as leather is more prone to catch oil almost immediately. The finished product is then wrapped and packed with several others for now it must travel for about 65kms to Jaipur city where these are sold to shop owners in the market. Its quite tiring to imagine all this but these talented artisans are making a living for their families like this for about 5-10 years which reminds us again how hard making money is these days.