With the advancing age the modern trade market is now more dependent on factories rather than craftsmen. Probably because of the fact that factories are more suited for a large scale production work than craftsman who take time to make even a single product. I would not blame globalization for this but rather point out an alarming cause. With the increase in technology we are becoming more and more impatient. We just don’t want to wait because we fear that we might be left behind in this never ending race. Modern industries can hugely benefit from this while the craftsmen who work tirelessly day and night might not. Modern market just don’t value the effort these craftsmen put into handcrafting a single product. Again it would be false to accuse industries for the misery of these craftsman because lets be honest the industries are well equipped to meet the demand and supply of these modern times. But on the other hand can we do nothing for these hard working craftsman who support their family by doing multiple part time jobs together with practising their skill in handcrafting form time to time. With multiple campaigns put into motion by the government to support these craftsman and offering them permanent jobs may be a big step forward. Likewise the shop owners in the city can also dim their prices and offer these craftsmen more margin for the product they sell. Craftsmanship is a dying art and it would be a shame to let it go in such a manner. Government should work hand in hand with these craftsmen and the shop owners to provide a better place for their skills in this modern age.